Softcare is a Rabe product innovation. The new softcare fibre prevents cytotoxic substances, which may lead to irritations if they come in contact with the skin, from being released.

Causes of skin irritations can be impregnating materials, dye components and other substances which are added in the production process of fabrics, yarns and clothing. These substances may have a cytotoxic effect and override the sensitive balance of the skin; the consequence is allergic reactions or an increased sensitivity of the skin. For women who have to struggle with sensitive skin, but also for those who want to ensure that their skin is not exposed to any stress, there is knitted fabric made from Softcare® from November 2011. The Hohenstein Institutes have checked this new quality carefully and given it the quality seals “skin-friendly” and “allergy-friendly”. Thus, this product innovation does not just tap into a completely new target group, but also gives a large number of end consumers the unique opportunity to do something good for their skin with their clothing.